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broccoli plz

Count Duckula
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Welcome to the Count Duckula Livejournal Community! Dedicated to the 80's/90's cartoon series from Cosgrove Hall (who also brought you Dangermouse) that stars Count Duckula, a vampire duck who's a vegetarian, hates the very thought of blood, and LOVES broccoli sandwiches with a passion!

* To join, you MUST at least like Count Duckula. Flamers and Duckyboos haters are not welcome here (that means you Goosewing! ^^; )
*If you happen to have a fan-thing - that is, fanart, fanfiction etc - that you want to share with us, please make a new entry, and try not to make images too big. No porn please.

*I don't wanna see any flaming of other members, spamming, and the like, please.

Thanks, and have fun praising the world's only vegetarian vampire duck!