Aggie (aggiechan) wrote in countduckulalj,

I'm new here.

Woo! I wanted to make a Count Duckula LJ community a long time ago, but I ended up making a DevArt club instead. Hehe. You can all check it out (and join!) if you want.

I remember watching Count Duckula on YTV (in Canada) when I was reaaally young. The best thing I can remember from it was the opening title scene. When I got the DVD set for Christmas, I watched the opening scene and almost remembered the entire thing. Yay! It's one of my favourite cartoons and I'm glad that they're bringing the seasons out on DVD so I can watch all the episodes! :)
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Hi Aggie, welcome to the community [this is seismic-saffya from DeviantART here], and thanks for linking to your DA club here, it'd be nice for it to get some more members ;)

I'm glad as well that the otehr seasons are to be released, but I'm still hoping. I definately know for a fact that in Germany a 52 episode set is being released at the end of this month, but that's a different story. I could hardly contain myself when I got my copy and found that I could play it on most of our DVD players despite living in the UK...
Man, Germany is sooo lucky, hehe.
I used to watch the show on YTV, too. Gawd, the ending sequence always scared me for some reason! The show was nearly gone from my memory, until one of my online firends brought it up. I was like, "OMG, I think I used to watch that!" Then I began looking it up, and BAM. It became a new obsession for me as I rediscovered it for the first time in years.